Denver Shuts Four Illegal Alien Shelters

( – The “sanctuary city” of Denver, Colorado has received more illegal aliens than it can afford and the mayor has decided to close shelters but keep the aliens. Democrat mayor, Mike Johnson, said that Denver would need at least $180 million to both shelter and feed the number of aliens the city currently has within it. He announced he will now close down four shelters currently housing and feeding aliens. Johnson says this move will save the city about $60 million.

He did not say he will be either reversing host city’s sanctuary status or attempt to deport the aliens in the city. The mayor has decided the best way to combat his now $120 million alien-related deficit is to try and strong-arm local landlords into taking aliens into their properties with no incentives. Denver, like many large Democrat-run cities has a low number of available apartments and all have high monthly rents.

Denver’s spokesman for Human Services, Jon Ewing, described the city leaders as putting out “feelers” to landlords about housing “newcomers” in need of a residence. Ewing claims landlords are open to helping which was a surprise to many in the real estate profession who say the small amount of available rentals in the city went from 5.5% to just 3.7% over the last 90 days.

Johnson has also begun to implore local residents to take aliens into their private homes and residences. While making remarks related to the city’s budget cuts he expressed gratitude to residents for their help. He thanked people for cooking for the aliens, for offering jobs to aliens, and for taking them into their homes. He said these things are examples of people doing their part and that the government has done theirs. Despite these remarks and self-praise, the city currently has more than $100 million in debt with 40,000 illegal aliens in the city and more coming every day.

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