Royal Apology: Kate Middleton Addresses Edited Family Image

( – Princess Kate Middleton has been making headlines despite being out of the public eye for weeks following a recent surgery. The latest “controversy” revolves around a photo of Kate with her three children. The picture was posted to the official palace social media account and it wasn’t long before viewers began to dissect potential irregularities in the photo.

The photo shows a smiling Kate sitting in a chair with her eldest Prince George standing behind her, Prince Louis to her right with her arm around his waist, and Princess Charlotte to her left with her arm around her waist. The text accompanying the photo wished those seeing the post a “happy Mother’s Day,” and thanked everyone for their support over the last few months. The photo was signed “C,” representing Kate’s full Christian name, Catherine.

The dust-up around the photo focused on the area where Kate’s hand met Charlotte’s waist. A portion of the child’s sleeve seemed to be missing and some other discoloration was present. There were also questions about the background of the picture and “blurring” around some of the hair.

Later the same day, Kate went back to the social media account and apologized, called herself an “amateur photographer,” and said she experiments with digital photo editing like most amateurs do. She wrote that she regretted causing any confusion and again wished all a “happy Mother’s Day.”

The Associated Press (AP) withdrew the photo and alerted their readers that the photo was “manipulated” and therefore needed to be removed. They wrote that the photo no longer met their standards for accuracy. The cited a specific “irregularity” in the area of Charlotte’s hand, and reiterated that AP does not print altered photos.

Princess Kate was once before accused of altering a photograph. In 2023, a Christmas photo she shared drew criticism due to a discrepancy with Prince Louis’ fingers.

Nevertheless, some see the recent episode as a positive sign that the Princess seems to be recovering from her emergency January 17th, abdominal surgery.

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