Nancy Mace Clashes with George Stephanopoulos

( – Republican South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace appeared on ABC’s “This Week” hosted by George Stephanopoulos and the two had a heated back and forth for almost ten minutes. Stephanopoulos, who rose to fame as Bill Clinton’s Communication’s Director in the early 1990’s, tried to position Mace’s endorsement of Donald Trump as hypocritical. Mace responded by accusing the Democrat anchor of trying to “shame” and manipulate her.

Stephanopoulos’ angle of attack was to cite Trump’s legal case in New York with former writer E. Jean Carroll. Carroll accused Trump of raping her at some point in the mid 1990’s but has shown no proof of the incident that she says occurred in a department store that was open to the public at the time. Carroll sued Trump for defamation, winning an $83 million judgment.

Mace has said she was raped when she was 16 years old, and Stephanopoulos used this fact to question her support of Donald Trump.

Stephanopoulos went so far as to say “two separate juries” found Trump liable for rape. This statement is factually inaccurate as the juries found Trump not guilty of rape but did find him guilty of a sexual abuse charge. Stephanopoulos cited a misleading headline from a Washington Post story under a section called “the Fix” by Aaron Blake that alleged Trump was found guilty of rape despite the jury finding otherwise. Mace rebutted by reminding Stephanopoulos that Trump was not found guilty of rape in a criminal court proceeding.

Stephanopoulos shrugged off Mace’s response and again referenced her being rape survivor. The congresswoman was not intimidated by Stephanopoulos’ tone and accusation. Instead, she fought back by saying he was attempting to “shame” her as a rape survivor. Mace said she’s lived with the trauma of what happened to her since she was 16 and his questioning was “disgusting” in her opinion. Stephanopoulos smirked frequently and did not relent, and the two went back and forth trying to assert their positions.

After the interview, Mace tweeted video from the show and expressed her outrage. Juanita Broderick, who wrote a book alleging that Bill Clinton once raped her, also tweeted, insisting it was not Mace but rather Stephanopoulos who was the hypocrite. Many users echoed Broderick’s thoughts and cited Stephanopoulos’ own attacks on Clinton’s various assault accusers in the past.

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