Government Shutdown Threatens Social Security and VA Benefits

( – Once more, the prospect of government closure is imminent, which may cause some concern regarding its potential repercussions.

On November 9, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the majority leader of the Senate, scheduled a vote on the temporary government funding measure for the following week. Such an extension would merely be provisional in nature, temporarily averting a government closure.

After legislators enacted an extension in September, thereby narrowly averting a shutdown on October 1, the most recent deadline is November 17. It was the result of a few weeks of chaos in Congress, but legislators were only given 47 days to come up with something better.

These 47 days will be ending soon.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments will remain unaffected. These programs are funded via distinct procedures, in contrast to other initiatives that necessitate renewal and are susceptible to the consequences of ongoing budget deliberations.

Additionally, numerous benefits offered by the Veterans Affairs Department would remain accessible. As with every government agency, they have a plan for emergencies. Denis McDonough, the secretary, earlier clarified that burials at VA cemeteries and veteran healthcare would continue uninterrupted in the event of a government closure. The VA would persist in providing pensions, housing benefits, education, and compensation to their veterans. In addition, the VA would maintain its role in adjudicating appeals.

He cautioned that outreach to veterans and operations such as cemetery landscaping maintenance and job guidance could be impacted.

A person who obtains funds from these organizations will continue to do so in November, irrespective of the government shutdown. However, as McDonough pointed out, it might be difficult to reach an individual within their agencies due to the possibility that furloughs will occur in the event of a government closure.

Although all federal agencies are obligated to have an emergency strategy in place in case of a closure, the precise ramifications of a potential shutdown on November 17 remain uncertain. However, essential services would continue to operate without interruption.

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