K Rowling Dares To Be Arrested Protecting Free Speech

(Daily360.com) Author JK Rowling is daring the Scottish government to arrest her for her speech about men claiming to be women. Three years ago a very restrictive “hate speech” law was written by the then Scottish justice minister, Humza Yousaf. The law has been delayed for three years as authorities have been trying to figure out how to apply it. It is written so broadly that any Scottish citizen could be arrested and face seven years in prison for basically hurting someone’s feelings. Anyone who feels a person spoke in an improper way could make a report to authorities.

Yousaf is now the First Minister of Scotland and wields an enormous amount of power within Scottish government. When the law was announced much attention was focused on the world-famous Rowling, who has resided in the city of Edinburgh for more than 15 years. The Harry Potter author is on the left politically but is outspoken in her belief that men should not be able to invade women’s spaces. She often posts to social media about men competing in women’s sports or involving themselves with other female activities. She believes that claiming one is a woman does not make one a woman. This one political divergence Rowling has taken has led her to be criticized by many people on the left and sees her often labeled as a purveyor of hate and “hate speech.”

Yousaf has specifically said that Rowling would not be arrested for her trans beliefs and statements. Many people speculate that she may be spared due to her high profile status that other residents do not enjoy. The law appropriately went into effect on April Fool’s Day of this year.

Rowling immediately put out several tweets making fun of “trans women” and linking to articles of men purporting to be women that committed sexual assaults. She also tweeted stories and links about men taking women’s jobs and positions on sports teams. After those tweets, she posted that she was currently out of the country but upon her return to Scotland she would “look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.”

The law is viewed as very unpopular with the people of Scotland. Most see the draconian measure as a means of extreme control by the government. They also believe it to be nonsensical to threaten jail time over speech while simultaneously downgrading more than 24,000 types of actual crimes. In the first days of the law being in place Scottish citizens have been reporting thousands of “offenses” to overwhelm the system because the police have promised to investigate every call. Many callers reported Yousaf for his past statements demeaning the country’s indigenous white population.

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