Teenage Victim Gunned Down By Cops

(Daily360.com) More details are emerging from the tragic shooting by police of a teenager kidnapped by her father in 2022. Savannah Graziano was 15-years-old when her estranged father, Anthony John Graziano, 45, shot and killed her mother, Tracy Martinez, and abducted their daughter.

Police believe Savannah was not with her mother when Graziano shot her because Martinez lived long enough to identify her killer but did not mention their daughter. They believe she was likely someplace else at the time and Graziano abducted her after the shooting.

An AMBER Alert was issued for Savannah Graziano on Septerber 27, 2022 and she and her father were identified as driving on California 15 freeway near the city of Hesperia. Footage released to journalists under the California Public Records Act shows some of what took place but still does not answer all the questions surrounding the shooting of Savannah. Police reported shots being fired at them from Graziano’s moving pickup truck and there are some reports that indicate Savannah may have also been firing from the vehicle but that has not been confirmed.

Eventually, after a 70-mile chase, Graziano’s truck drove onto an embankment on the side of the road when the confrontation became fatal. The footage taken from a sheriff’s department helicopter shows Graziano trying to maneuver his vehicle while firing at police. Soon after, Savannah is seen getting out of the vehicle and police are heard over the radio saying “the female juvie is out.” Savannah is seen quickly moving toward the officers in a crouched position and this is when things go more awry. Most officers were not wearing body cameras but audio was recorded, one deputy tells Savannah to come toward him before gunshots are fired, Savannah is struck, and the deputy yells for them to stop firing.

Savannah was killed while her father, wearing tactical gear, shot it out with police on foot before also being killed at the scene. Officials say they are still trying to figure out why police opened fire on Savannah. They say no matter the conclusion, their methods must be looked at and changed to avoid any incident like this taking place again.

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