Migrant Children Face Hazards at the Border

(Daily360.com) – As illegal aliens continue to flow into the United States at rates never before seen, the New York Post recently ran pictures of women trying to usher children through razor wire in Eagle Pass, Texas. One of the most impassioned critiques of the current seemingly open border policy of the Biden administration is that the vast majority of people entering the country are single military-aged men that are simply walking in by the thousands with no opposition and often times being aided but U.S. border officials. The New York Post story is showing a different perspective as the well-composed photos show crying children and apparently desperate women fighting obstacles to cross the border illegally.

The accompanying story refers to the children as “migrants barely out of diapers” enduring “sheer desperation” due to the “humanitarian crisis” at the border. The article does note that while only showing a handful of these women and children struggling to get through this area of razor wire, more than 11,000 illegal aliens crossed into the United States on that day, the largest recorded number for any one day in recent memory. Texas governor Greg Abbott has accused Biden administration officials of cutting the razor wire barricades; Abbott deployed the Texas National Guard to repair it.

The article goes on to detail the hardships being endured by the border communities in El Paso and Eagle Pass, which are not equipped to deal with the thousands upon thousands of newly arriving people every week. While the Post ran the story of crying women and children being pulled through razor wire, another video going viral shows lines of men, many of whom are from China, entering the country illegally. In this video they are asked where they are from and where they are headed. Most of the men say “China,” and list destinations all throughout the nation, including New York, Illinois and California before they are processed and put on buses to be taken deeper into the country.

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