Senator’s Call for Urban Order

( – Critics of the New York Times (NYT) are pointing out what they believe is more blatant hypocrisy from the newspaper, specifically regarding its editorial content. In June of 2020 during the recent aftermath of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots, the NYT printed an Op/Ed from United States Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). Almost immediately, a large portion of NYT staff as well as outside groups condemned the printing of the article. The fervor grew so intense that NYT editor James Bennett was forced to resign and well-known reporter Bari Weiss resigned along with him in protest.

This past weekend the NYT published an Op/Ed written by the Mayor of Gaza City Yahya R. Sarraj. The mayor was appointed by Hamas to run the city in 2019. As one might expect the mayor has not and did not condemn the Hamas attacks on Israel during October 7th. Sarraj did not reference the people killed or hostages taken by the group either. Sarraj also made no mention of the tunnel network that runs under the city for the purpose of providing the terrorist regime with a military stronghold.

Critics have noted that there has been no objection from within the NYT over the publishing of this Op/Ed. They say that level of objection is reserved only for Republicans who hold differing opinions from their own. They point out that Sarraj lamenting the Israeli destruction of luxury residences, resorts, banks and other entities in Gaza directly contradicts the narrative that Gaza is an ‘”open air prison” being forced on its residents by Israel.

The Times ran a long explanatory article apologizing to its readers about why it should never have published Cotton’s Op/Ed, but it offered no counter-narrative or objection to anything written by Sarraj. Critics say the Op/Ed is nothing more than Hamas propaganda and the NYT is complicit spreading it with not even a word of condemnation of or skepticism about Sarraj’s claims. They also say that if the NYT feels this Op/Ed is newsworthy, a comparable Op/Ed from an Israeli of similar stature would be expected.

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