Trump vs Biden Mental Health Assessed and Compared

( A recent piece written for the Daily Mail website attempts to paint former President Donald Trump’s mental fitness as worse than Joe Biden’s. The thesis is that Joe Biden’s issues are likely minor “age related” things but Trump is showing signs of serious “dementia related” deterioration. They cite anonymous doctors who opine that since Trump’s father had some level of dementia that should raise concern for the 2024 GOP nominee.

The basis for their thesis is the cherry picking of instances when Trump may have mistook names during long form rally speeches. They mention Trump’s referring to Obama as being his opponent in 2024 instead of saying Biden. Trump has addressed this at subsequent rallies by saying he believes Obama is the power behind Biden.

The New York Times recently ran a story that could be seen as backing Trump’s belief. They note that Obama is taking a lead role in Biden’s re-election campaign. A senior lecturer at Cornell University named Dr. Marc Segal, despite not having met Trump, says that Bidens “slips” while Trump shows “derailments.” Segal said he believes Trump shows phonemic paraphasia, which is the swapping of words that are incorrect but sound similar to the correct word. It’s not clear how this would fit swapping the names Biden and Obama but Segal also noted that the condition gets worse at night and said he’s seen Trump fading as the sun goes down.

The same experts said Biden usually “catches and corrects” mistakes he may make when speaking. They cite an instance where he referenced the war in “Iraq” but eventually followed it by saying “I meant Ukraine.” The doctors referenced and quoted all believe Biden is more cognitively healthy than Trump. There is also a colorful graphic listing five areas of health of which Biden scores healthy in four of five while Trump scores well in only one. There was no reference to Trump’s making of several long rally speeches in a week compared to Biden’s very limited and very brief speaking schedule.

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