Warning: Bird Flu Outbreak 100 Times Worse Than Pandemic

(Daily360.com) The media is reporting about a new outbreak that they say could be worse than Covid-19. Experts are warning the public that the new strain of “bird flu” could be “100 times worse than Covid” but they are also cautioning people not panic. The strain, which is officially called H5N1, has been found in a number of livestock and mammals including cats, cows, and some humans. Experts are tracking the infected to determine if the virus is mutating in any dangerous or new ways.

The White House put out a statement saying that Joe Biden is aware of the outbreaks and is “monitoring” the situation. Thus far 12 herds of cows located in six states have been reported as infected. A Texas dairy farm worker has also tested positive for the virus. Experts said the man’s virus mutated quickly but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said they’ve seen this same mutation before.

A pharmaceutical industry consultant, founder of the Canadian pharma company, BioNagara, John Fulton, convened a panel of experts to offer suggestions and develop a plan to deal with more outbreaks. The World Health Organization (WHO) has weighed in by projecting a potential death toll of 52% among those who may become infected. They base this on 462 people dying of an infected group of 887 during what they view as a similar 2003 outbreak.

N5H1 has been recorded on multiple continents over the last four years. In order to be officially declared a pandemic, scientists would need to see the virus easily traveling between animals and humans. Farmers report that infected cows show symptoms that include; lethargy, loss of appetite, and reduced milk production.

Social media users are skeptical of government reports and feel the hysteria may be manufactured. Among this group is Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) who tweeted that he no longer trusts these organizations. The House member also joined others posting headlines about bio labs engineering a more powerful H5N1 bird flu in recent months. The virus is called “bird flu” because it was traced to migrating birds in 2021 that infected mammals as they traveled from location to location.

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