Trump Brands Election Day: “Christian Visibility Day”

( Former president Donald Trump held a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 2nd during which he took aim at Joe Biden’s Easter Sunday declaration.

Trump mocked Biden’s proclamation that March 31st is officially the “Trans Day of Visibility” as a means to overshadow the Easter holiday. Trump asked, “what the hell was Biden thinking?” with this action. Biden received criticism from across the social media landscape for what many viewed as a deliberate insult to the highest of Christian holidays.

Trump agreed with the position that the proclamation was an insult to Christians, adding that the banning of religious images on eggs or art for the official White House Easter events was an insult as well. He then pivoted and declared that November 5th, which is Election Day, will be “Christian Visibility Day.” Trump is urging Christians to vote in the election and remove Biden from the office of president as retribution not only for his perceived Easter insult but his other policies as well.

Trump was visiting Wisconsin for the first time since he appeared in support of midterm candidates in 2022. The battleground state was won with a narrow margin by Trump in 2016 and lost to Biden in 2020 by an even smaller margin, which the Trump campaign protested against. As the election approaches, many battle ground states are being led by Trump, with Wisconsin polling as a virtual tie.

The White House tried to spin the backlash to the trans declaration as “cruel, hateful and dishonest.” When asked about the backlash, Biden denied ever issuing a declaration, leading many to wonder if he is aware this was released on his social media, appearing to come from him. Throughout the rally, Trump took aim at the seemingly weakening Biden and challenged him to a debate at any time, on any day from now through November 5th.

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