16-Year-Old Cheerleader’s Murder Suspect Apprehended By Texas Police

(Daily360.com) – The alleged killer of a 16-year-old high school cheerleader from Edna, Texas has been arrested. Lizbeth Medina was found unresponsive by her mother in the bathtub of their family home on Tuesday, December 12th. She called police, who arrived at the home and found Lizbeth dead. The girl was described as “outgoing and confident” in addition to being a selfless friend. Medina aspired to be a nurse and was looking forward to that career following her graduation from Edna High School.

Lizbeth’s suspected killer has been identified as Rafael Romero. Police caught up with Romero in Schulenburg, Texas on the Saturday following the murder. Texas Rangers moved in, made the arrest, and charged him with capital murder; he may face the death penalty. Romero is being held at Jackson County Jail on $2 million bail.

Romero is a 23-year-old illegal alien who has been living in Shulenburg, Texas, on an expired visa for at least the last five years. The police have not yet identified a motive for the crime. There is also no clear connection between Romero and any member of the Medina family. All say they have never seen him nor did they know of him prior to Lizbeth’s murder. Jacqueline Medina, Lizbeth’s mother, told authorities weeks before the murder that a man tried to break into their apartment but was caught by Lizbeth and fled the residence.

Lizbeth’s likely killer was caught on surveillance video and police say that person resembles Romero. They have seized a vehicle and other items that appear to connect Romero to the crime.

Lizbeth Medina was honored by her fellow school cheerleaders who all wore her favorite color, purple, at Enda High School’s football game December 7. Jacqueline Media said she wants answers and justice. She told reporters that she had her daughter when she was only 16-years-old and says they “grew up together.”

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