38 Chaplains Beg Supreme Court To Stop Military Punishing Their Faith

(Daily360.com) 38 military chaplains are suing the Department of Defense (DoD) over their unwillingness to grant religious exemptions regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and its use of fetal cells. The case called Alvarado vs. Austin is now being presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

The vaccine was developed using the embryonic kidney cells of a baby girl “named” HEK 293 by scientists. HEK 293 stands for “human embryonic kidney” and the 293 represents the patient specimen number. HEK 293 was a little Dutch girl who was likely aborted more than 50 years ago. Throughout the decades scientists have been able to re-harvest cells from this embryonic kidney sample through processes similar to cancer multiplication in cells. The cells of HEK 293 have been used with development in everything from PepsiCo taste-testing to medications and therapeutics.

The Covid-19 vaccine that was developed and then mandated by the DoD was created using HEK 293’s cells, some of which were likely present in various doses administered into people’s arms. Capt. Robert Nelson, a chaplain, of the United States Air Force objected to the mandate on religious grounds and was denied by the DoD. He was ordered to take the shot which he said he could not do in good conscience despite enormous pressure.

Nelson is one of the 38 chaplains who are part of this lawsuit and he says the military is trying to use subsequent policy to avoid answering for its past actions. He says the military is claiming since it has rescinded the mandatory Covid vaccine policy this case is moot. Nelson disagrees and notes that no one was given a religious waiver and the military took the opportunity to drum out those unwilling to follow orders despite their moral objections.

The suit also contends that the DoD is defying the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act that rescinded the mandate. The litigants say the military is still punishing the people who refused to take the vaccine. The suit alleges the military has refused to promote and denied training to the conscientious objectors to the vaccine mandate.

Among the litigants, not all were objecting to the vaccine mandate due to the fetal tissue component. Some felt the potential health risks from the shot outweighed the potential damage from the Covid virus. Others disagreed with unethical emergency decrees and still others believed they should stand up to the strong arm tactics the DoD was using.

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