Body Parts Discovered In Teenagers Closet

( A new YouTube documentary about a Colorado teenager who killed a man just to see what it would feel like sent many viewers to social media to vent their emotions. The now-convicted murder’s name is Brian Cohee and he randomly selected and killed then 69-year-old Warren Barnes. Cohee picked Barnes because he was homeless and according to Cohee this made it less likely anyone would notice he’d disappeared.

Cohee is now 21-years-old and serving a life sentence for what the judge in his trial described as one of the worst crimes he’d ever seen. The murder took place in 2021 on a night Cohee decided would be ideal for finding a victim because the weather was clear and the full moon would provide him ample light. He said he went looking for someone homeless or who was working as a prostitute. It was Barnes who had the misfortune of being seen by Cohee on that February evening.

Cohee told police in very matter-of-fact terms that he’d seen Barnes move from underneath a tarp. He decided to approach the tarp pull it back and that’s when he delivered the first of many deadly stab wounds into Barnes’ neck. Cohee told police Barnes was asking why he was doing it but he kept stabbing his neck until he perished. After he killed Barnes, Cohee dismembered the body, cutting off the man’s head and both of his hands. He was quite detailed when telling police about the process of dismemberment that he paused at one point, laughed, and said “sorry that’s morbid” before continuing.

It was the dismemberment that eventually led to his capture. In another disturbing twist to this story it was Cohee’s mother who called police after she’d discovered Barnes’ head and hands in her son’s bedroom. The documentary shows his distraught mother telling police that while cleaning his room she opened a rubber tub and came upon a double zip-locked bag that she lifted, noted the weight, and then opened. To her horror she encountered several maggots and realized she was holding Barnes’ head. After informing Cohee’s father the pair called police and her son was arrested and told police, he’d simply wondered what it would feel like to kill someone.

Viewers of the program took to Twitter and wrote that they were “disturbed” and described Cohee’s manner as “bone chilling.”

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