Alina Habba Asks Judge For Mercy

( – Donald Trump’s attorneys for his E. Jean Carroll defamation suit asked the judge for a continuance before he must pay the awarded defamation penalty but their request was denied. Alina Habba and John Sauer represented Trump in the case against the former magazine writer; Trump was ordered to pay Carroll $83 million for supposedly defaming her. Trump denied ever meeting Carroll and vehemently denied assaulting her.

Many observers have called this case an example of political lawfare aimed at Trump because Carroll could not prove this assault happened. She presented no evidence and was not even sure what year it supposedly occurred. She would only say it happened at some point in the 1990’s in a public clothing goods store in central Manhattan. Trump’s lawyers argued that since he was not allowed to testify is his own defense and in their view the judge in the case, Lewis Kaplan, gave “erroneous” instructions to the jury regarding common-law malice, they have cause for a delay.

The lawyers maintain that the judgment should be delayed or at least reduced before Trump’s appeal is filed. New York State has a law stating that a person found guilty must pay a court cash bond in the amount of 110% of the entire judgment before they may file an appeal, meaning Trump needs to come up with $91.6 million in order to appeal. Trump’s team only had until March 11 to put the bond in place and file an appeal. They urged the judge to consider their motion because the bond would “impose irreparable injury” due to the high dollar amount. They were asking for an additional three days to get all the elements arranged.

Political partisans on cable news shows were speculating that Trump may not have the necessary funds. Trump must also pay a 110% bond in New York State before appealing the case in which Judge Arthur Engoron ordered him to pay $354 million to the state for a bank loan case in which there was no victim named, bringing the total judgments in New York to $540 million.

A former Democrat California Senator Diane Feinstein aid named Lisa Rubin said she views Trump’s lawyers asking for the three-day delay as the equivalent of asking Kaplan for “mercy.” Kaplan rejected a prior argument from Trump’s legal team that he not be forced to pay the entire bond while appealing, and he referenced Trump’s wealth when he ruled against them. Trump did post the $91.6 million bond on March 8th and will officially be appealing.

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