Mayor Henyard Vetoes Probe into Personal Spending

( – The bombastic mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, vetoed a unanimous village board vote to investigate her lavish spending habits. The board wants to see the village’s financial records and even went so far as to ask the FBI to look into the matter. Henyard has made several videos showcasing and praising herself while racking up large spending sums on travel, goods and $1 million on a personal police detail.

Henyard positioned herself as the victim in her diatribe to the board. She claims that she is “under attack” and is the victim of a false one-sided narrative. She blamed sexism and said there is a “boys club” that has a problem with a female leader. She labeled any allegation that she has misappropriated funds,a “smear campaign” and vowed to fight it. She proclaimed her innocence and said in the end she will be victorious because she “fights for what is right” and performs her duties methodically.

Among the issues the board has with Henyard is the large $2 million deficit facing the town. They allege that her leadership has led to an over $400,000 debt for street paving and an additional $400,000 shortfall for tree trimming. The board has promised to override her veto and get to the bottom of her spending choices.

Residents attended the meeting and some called Henyard a liar who broke her promises and others stated that she should step down. One former trustee said Henyard needs to “look at herself,” stop trying to lay the blame on others and label valid questions as subversive. One town resident has even gone to the FBI seeking relief from the mayor. He is accusing Henyard of using her power to shut down his trucking business after he refused to give her a $3,500 political contribution.

Henyard, who refers to herself as “super mayor,” has made numerous videos in the past accusing people of criticizing her because she’s black and she has said no other black people should criticize her but should instead support her fully. Henyard owned a hamburger business prior to politics. The mayor is also known to costume herself in the fashion of known film gangster characters like “New Jack City’s” Nino Brown, as a method of intimidating opposition.

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