Biden-Ukraine Investigation Hindered by DOJ and FBI, Says U.S. Attorney

( – The ongoing saga of whistleblower testimony about federal agencies allegedly meddling with the investigations into the Biden family’s foreign finances has more clarity after new revelations. The former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Scott Brady, had been assigned to investigate the family’s Ukraine dealings, including allegations that $10 million had been received and dispersed among the Biden family.

Brady testified to House lawmakers that the upper-tier management of the FBI was very interested in the investigation and he alleges they tried to slow the effort down to render it ineffective. He focused on a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma, and when he’d ask FBI agents assigned to him to investigate elements of the operation, he says their superiors halted their actions. Brady, who resigned his post in February of 2021, called it “incredibly challenging” to work under these conditions; the investigation was at one point stopped for five consecutive months due to FBI interference.

Brady’s testimony outlined a $5 million payment going directly to then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter from the owner of Burisma. Brady made his findings known to three U.S. attorneys including the Delaware office, which had an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden over tax fraud issues. But none chose to follow up on Baker’s leads.

Baker illustrated for House members the deliberate red tape the FBI put in place to stymie him. The agents assigned to him came from the Pittsburgh office. When carrying out tasks Baker assigned them, the agents would need 17 separate FBI officials to sign off on each task before they could proceed. Baker said a group at the FBI headquarters “had eyes on” everything to do with his investigation in order to slow it down.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who has been looking into the Biden family business for several years, recently ‘alerted’ FBI Director Chris Wray and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland about the agency’s tactics aimed at thwarting Biden-related investigations.

In 2020, Brady’s team decided there was “sufficient indicia of credibility” to escalate the investigation. They briefed U.S. Assistant Attorney Lesley Wolf and her team. Brady says no-one at the briefing asked any questions, and Ms. Wolf personally blocked their efforts to follow evidence that may have implicated Joe Biden in potential wrongdoing.

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