Delving Into US Migrant Strategy

( – New evidence found in the possession of illegal border crossers strongly suggests the migrant surge the United States is suffering is a well-planned invasion by a number of rich, non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Muckraker recently published what they describe as “mass migration blueprints” to their website. The documents show very detailed maps and routes that illegal aliens can take from South and Central America into the United States. These documents have been handed out prior to their trek and have been found among the numerous migrant hoards crossing the southern U.S. border.

One of the maps is distributed by a group called Amigos Del Tren which translates to “Friends of the Train.”The reference to “train” is specific to a train called La Bestia which is also known as “the train of death.” It’s a freight train that runs throughout Mexico and ends at the United States southern border. The map details the many different stops and routes aliens can utilize in order to make their way to America. The map is as detailed and informative as a NYC or Chicago subway map. It shows locations, distances and timed departures.

Another map given out by the Red Cross is similar to that of Amigos Del Tren but with more trains, stops and geography. This map goes as far south as the nation of Panama. The reverse side of the map is a colorfully presented set of guidelines for riding the train and entering the U.S. illegally. It advises migrates to feign drunkenness as though they are under the influence of some sort of narcotic while aboard the train. Additionally, it has a QR code the illegal aliens can scan into their cell phones for more information about crossing the border and what to say if confronted.

A third map is being distributed by The United Nations’ International Organization of Migration (IOM). This highly organized and detailed map includes consulates and commissions located throughout Mexico. A Doctors Without Borders map informs aliens of all the possible routes from Panama into the Unites States. R4V otherwise known as Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela’s map lets aliens know the best paths to take from points throughout Ecuador into the United States.

The U.S. taxpayer is paying for much of this material because the government is giving our money to the NGOs who produce it. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alone has allocated $363 million to NGOs for the purpose of assisting aliens that have illegally entered the United States. NGOs are also largely responsible for the mass number of aliens recently seen in viral videos throughout social media riding without documents on commercial airlines throughout the United States.

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