‘Frankenstein Lab’ Performs Hundreds Gender Reassignment Experiments

(Daily360.com) A Texas “gender clinic” is being called “Frankenstein’s lab” due to the volume and variety of sexual reassignment surgeries they perform on clients. Some experts say the hundreds of surgeries being performed at the clinic are dangerous and need to be reined in. The clinic’s official name is The Crane Center for Transgender Surgery, and it bills itself as the world’s leader in operations for people who consider themselves non-binary.

The clinic is known for performing surgeries to repurpose the genitals of patients to the opposite gender, as well as completely removing the genitalia of some patients. The complete genital removal has been referred to as “Barbie-dolling” the genitals by critics. The clinic’s namesake, Dr. Curtis Crane, has proudly stated that he does not believe they have ever not fulfilled the wish of a patient. Each procedure costs patients anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000 depending on the work required to repurpose or remove anatomical organs.

Some LGBT groups are speaking out against the clinic; they’re saying the patient’s mental health is not being considered strongly enough. Heritage Foundation fellow Jay Richards said dubbing this facility as “Dr. Frankenstein’s” is an insult to the fictional character because the actions of the clinic are “more ghoulish” than anything Frankenstein did in the novel. Critics on social media refer to Crane as a “crazy butcher” despite his claims that he’s uniquely qualified because he’s both a urologist and a plastic surgeon. Crane has been sued at least eight times between 2017 and 2019.

According to its website the clinic employs more than ten practitioners, who have combined to perform more than 1,000 penis-creation surgeries since 2012. Additionally, they say they perform more than 200 “top surgeries” which could be defined as either adding or removing breasts and 150 vaginoplasties (crafting of a vagina) each year.

Crane says his clinic has operated on more than 2,000 people since it opened its doors. He also says that should a woman want a gender reassignment but also want to give birth to children, he will leave the ovaries intact as a means to harvest eggs. He also tells of a female patient who had reassignment surgery but kept her organs intact as well and delivered a baby after carrying it to term. Crane said each patient is dealt with on a “case-by-case” basis and all fees are collected through private means.

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