Israel Sets Date For Full Scale Gaza Invasion

( Israeli officials have announced they have a date selected when they will invade the Rafah section of Gaza but will keep it a secret.

United States officials have been urging the Israelis not to launch an offensive in Rafah and have instead been pushing for a complete cease-fire. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been clear with the Biden administration that a ceasefire is not something he will agree to and has consistently stated they will continue to fight until Hamas is completely defeated.

The city of Rafah is currently populated by about 1.5 million people and many in the media are painting Israel as lethally targeting civilians in their war efforts. US officials are frantically trying to organize a cease-fire despite all the obstacles on both sides. Cease-fire negotiations were taking place in Cairo, Egypt and US officials said there was “a cease-fire on the table.” But Hamas leaders rejected the proposal and said the meetings were a “set back” regarding any potential cease-fire.

Joe Biden is seeing his poll numbers crumble in this election year in large part due to the Israel and Hamas war. The Democrats pro-Israel and pro-Palestine voters are unhappy with the actions of the Biden regime. Netanyahu has also been singled out by top US officials including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as someone who should be replaced. Among the Israeli population, Netanyahu holds a high degree of support because they overwhelmingly want to see Hamas destroyed.

Netanyahu dismisses American government policy makers who insist any assault on Rafah will cause a humanitarian crisis. He believes the greater good for his nation relies on the Israeli forces wiping out the remaining Hamas battalions situated in Rafah. Netanyahu said there is no conceivable way to defeat Hamas without a strong military operation in Rafah, he plainly stated “this will happen, there is a date.”

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