Hunter Biden’s Role in Document Mishandling

( – In February, Special Counsel Robert Hur released his headline-making report about Joe Biden’s classified documents case. News entities highlighted Hur’s determination that Biden’s actions were illegal but should not be pursued through the legal system due to his declining cognitive ability.

In the immediate aftermath of the release, Biden held an impromptu evening press conference during which he became combative and dismissive of reporters and their questions. During his brief remarks Biden placed the blame for any wrong doing on his “staff,” he only accepted personal responsibility for not watching them closely enough.

It now appears the staff he was passing the blame onto were brought on by his notorious son Hunter Biden. The staffers were given aliases in Hur’s report but their identities have since been uncovered as Kathy S. Chung and Anne Marie Muldoon. Chung’s ties to Hunter date back to their time together at the Commerce Department. Muldoon’s affiliation with Hunter includes her time working for him at his Rosemont Seneca Partners firm that has made its own headlines relating to pass-through foreign money payments that the Biden family received.

These two women are described as Joe Biden’s “key staffers” and controlled the former Vice President’s front office in Barack Obama’s West Wing. The pair were brought on specifically due to the recommendation of Hunter Biden. Chung and Muldoon had complete access to classified and sensitive information and it’s been uncovered that they maintained their relationships and communicated frequently with Hunter Biden.

According to Hur’s report, Chung told him that she didn’t recall seeing any classified material when she was transferring Biden’s documents between locations. Prior to the end of Obama’s term both Chung and Muldoon were sent an email instructing them not to remove any classified of sensitive documents from the premises. These staffers will likely be brought up during Robert Hur’s upcoming, March 12th, questioning before the House Oversight Committee relating to the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry.

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