Trump Supporters Deploy AI For Outreach

( – A couple of artificial intelligence (AI) created photos featuring Donald Trump are making waves on social media. The pictures under the microscope show Trump seemingly having fun with different groups of black people. All the characters are smiling and posing for what would appear to be a photo.

The first picture that has drawn scrutiny depicts Trump with about a dozen black men and women at a Christmas party. Some people are wearing Santa hats and there is a Christmas tree in the background. Trump is in the center, wearing his traditional navy blue suit, white shirt, and red tie with his arms around two smiling women. This photo was shared by a conservative radio show host from Florida named Mark Kaye on his Facebook account which has over one million followers. When asked about his sharing of this photo Kaye responded by saying he is “not a photojournalist” and he never wrote or insinuated that the photo was real.

A second photo made by AI shows Trump again in his traditional suit sitting on the front stoop of a house with six young adult black men. They’re all smiling, none as largely as in the Christmas photo but all facing the camera in a huddled little group. A man named Cliff Albright, who runs an organization called Black Voters Matter is upset by these images because he believes it gives the impression that Trump is popular with black voters, which he calls a false “strategic narrative.” He says these images have been created to “target disinformation to black communities” and he does not approve of them. Kaye believes if someone sees images like these and has a problem with them, the issue lies with that person and not the AI image.

Most regular users of social media have grown accustomed to seeing Trump placed in photos and scenarios that are AI driven. The creator of these images and others is the popular Twitter account called @Trump_History45. The account has become well-known by creating numerous images of Donald Trump at various points in history, interacting with many historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and the “Three Wise Men” at the birth of Christ.

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