Mayorkas Implodes When Confronted With Immigration Data

( The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, sat before the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 11 and spared with Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana for a few minutes. Kennedy began his questioning with a long preamble; explaining how he always looks for “grace wherever [he] can find it,” and told Mayorkas that he doesn’t hate him.

Kennedy, talking in a slow manner, eventually got to a question, almost four minutes into his five minutes of allotted time. The question centered on Mayorkas willfully letting illegal aliens into the country as a means to reapportion congressional district seats. Mayorkas claimed he didn’t understand the question but nonetheless disagreed with its sentiment. Kennedy again slowly re-asked the question. In response, Mayorkas positioned himself as offended by the questioned, called the notion that he supports illegal immigration “preposterous,” and then praised the employees of the DHS.

Mayorkas then pivoted to blaming Republicans for not agreeing to pass Biden’s plan that would arrange legal pathways for people crossing the border. Kennedy again inquired to Mayorkas about the reapportionment of congressional districts and the subsequent effect on electoral votes. Mayorkas once more denied the charge, calling it “absolutely false.” Kennedy was then over his allotted five minutes and began wrapping up by repeating his assertion that he does not hate Mayorkas. Then Kennedy said Mayorkas’ answers were representative of why he’s been impeached by the House of Representatives.

In January of this year Republican senators crafted legislation that would differentiate illegal aliens from legal citizens in the census. The legislation was mostly for show as it had no chance to be taken up by the Senate or to be signed by President Joe Biden. The number of illegal aliens that have crossed the border under the Biden administration is at an all-time high, estimated to be well over 10 million people. It’s the largest influx of people in such a time frame in American history and would affect congressional districts in a substantial way.

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