Trump Braces For Democrat Attack Over Abortion Stance

( Political commentator Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire wrote an opinion piece praising Donald Trump for his recent statements regarding abortion. Shapiro is often a critic of the former and possible future president but gave solid praise this time. Shapiro says that he is anti-abortion but the only smart, ethical, and strategic thing Trump could have done was step back from the issue.

Trump released a series of videos and posts on his Truth Social social media platform stating that he believes the role of the president is to not to be involved with the abortion issue. He said the Supreme Court, thanks in large part to the justices he appointed, did the right thing by overturning Roe v. Wade and returning potential allowances or restrictions to the states. The ruling known as the “Dobbs decision” has been a lightning rod political topic since the moment it came down.

Democrats running for office put abortion at the top of their campaign platforms. Shapiro noted recent elections held in the typically red state of Kansas and the typically blue state of Michigan all went big for the Democrat candidates because they scared voters into believing that abortion might be banned without Democrats in power. Adding to this fear-mongering was the recent move in Arizona to revert back to their 160-years-ago policy of only allowing an abortion in cases of a mother’s life being in danger. Democrats hold most key offices in the state but nonetheless the Democrats have been using this action to motivate their base.

Joe Biden is trying to win re-election despite being increasingly unpopular. People are suffering through inflation, depressed job markets, and crumbling infrastructures throughout the country. As a result he too is trying to make the Dobbs decision and abortion the foremost issue of his campaign. Shapiro applauds Trump’s action to step away from the issue and focus on Biden’s failures.

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