Trump Slams Back At Pence Over Abortion Stance

( The relationship between former running mates, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence seems to be at an all-time low after the two traded insults over abortion.

Pence ran in the Republican primary against Trump during which took some jabs at the former president. Despite his typically quick counter-punching, Trump did not insult Pence at that time. His primary knocks were instead aimed at Ron DeSantis and then Nikki Haley. Pence dropped-out of the primary race but has managed to make waves nonetheless, first by refusing to endorse Trump and now by insulting Trump’s official position that restrictions on abortion are for the states to decide.

Pence knocked Trump by saying he “retreated on the Right to Life” and thus insulted all those who supported him due to the abortion issue. Pence applauded the Supreme Court justices who returned the issue to the states but said Trump is no longer standing strong on the issue. Trump responded through his Truth Social platform by reminding Pence that it was he who nominated the justices that swung the abortion decisions back to the states. Trump wrote that the right-to-life crowd now has a leverage they haven’t had for more than 40 years.

Trump wrote that the Democrats would never negotiate any abortion regulations as long as it remained a federal issue. Trump reminded readers that Democrats are the “radicals” as they would permit abortion into the ninth month and even after birth. Trump said his current position of letting the states determine what is right is the best choice for all concerned. He then chided Pence for taking bad advice from the likes of “Mark Long” which is likely a joke referring to Pence’s former chief of staff Marc Short. Trump wrote that had Pence received better advice he may have polled at 2% instead of the 1% he received during his time in the GOP primary.

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