817K Californians Flock to Red Havens Texas, Florida

(Daily360.com) – California politicians often brag about their state being the model of how the United States should operate as a whole but it seems many of their citizens don’t share that position. California has been losing population in greater numbers with each passing year.

In 2022, 817,000 people left the Golden State, mainly headed to Florida and Texas. With only 475,000 people moving into California in 2022, that means the blue state lost a net of 342,000 tax-paying residents. Since the year 2012, California has had 2.3 million people leave.

Comparing the year 2012 to 2022, we see a stunning 44% increase in gross departures. Looking deeper at the numbers, one decade earlier in 2012 the net difference was a loss of 74,000, meaning the net difference has increased by a shocking 364%. Most people migrate to the red state of Texas, to the tune of 100,000 in each of the last two years.

Jessica Milan, Republican Party of California Chairwoman, says the reasons for the mass departures are Democrat policies and their ramifications. She says the people are fleeing poor education in schools, massive crime, and rampant homelessness, she calls the policies “regressive.” Milan believes Governor Gavin Newsom and his party have destroyed the possibilities for a good future in the state and the lives of Californians are worse than ever before.

As a result of what they feel is a clear failure of leadership, Republicans are asking residents not to leave but instead to stay put and vote out the people responsible for the condition of the state. They say the state can be restored and once again offer opportunities to its citizens. The GOP is running an ad campaign asking the question “Sick of socialist policies ruining our beautiful California?” followed by a call to action urging people to register for the Republican Party and “take back” the state.

Texas is on the other end of the spectrum as the Lone Star State has been gaining residents every year since 2012. They have had one million new residents move in over that time. The rest of the exiting Californians usually move to neighboring states but are now heading to the east coast as well, landing in states like Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and especially Florida. The state of Florida is not only getting waves of blue state California transplants but is also receiving masses of blue state New York residents as well.

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