Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin Faces Danger

(Daily360.com) – The Minneapolis police officer who many believe was made the fall guy in the for the death of George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, was stabbed and almost killed in prison.

Chauvin’s family said they were unaware of the incident and found out through news reports. Chauvin is being housed in an Arizona facility many miles from his native Minnesota. Like his family, Chauvin’s lawyer said he was not told of the incident and placed several calls to the prison looking for information that was not shared for a long time after the attack.

Chauvin was stabbed by another inmate and is reported to be in critical condition. The ex-Minneapolis police officer recently had his appeal rejected by the United States Supreme Court after the Minneapolis Supreme Court also chose not to grant him an appeal hearing.

Social media and news sources became very active on the topic of Chauvin when his stabbing became public information. Many speculated that this was expected as what they call the “narrative” surrounding the George Floyd media frenzy unravels. They point to the recent uncovering of a coroner’s report showing Floyd was not suffocated but died instead from a fentanyl drug overdose.

Others say it was unfair that Chauvin was not allowed to present evidence at his trial that the holding down of Floyd with his knee was standard practice and taught to him at the police academy. Also suspect was the judge in the trial later saying that “every case” should be about racial justice.

The George Floyd riots were used as a political weapon in 2020, propping up a narrative of ‘systemic racism.’ Joe Biden while he was rerunning for president said he was “praying” for a guilty verdict and that Chauvin’s actions “ripped the blinders off” and American’s were forced to deal with “systemic racism.”

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters of California went so far as to travel from California to Minnesota and encouraged people to “stay on the street.” She said the only acceptable verdict was a guilty verdict. What has been made clear in the eyes of many is that in the years following the riots, destruction, new hiring regulations, and George Floyd statues, is that there may have been more then met the eye to that story all along.

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