Israeli Minister Suspended For Gaza Bomb Comment

( – The war between Israel and Hamas fighters in Gaza is turning into not only a battlefield war but also an information war. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu last weekend over controversial remarks he made during a recent radio interview.

Eliyahu was asked about the possibility of Israel launching a nuclear strike on the Gaza region. He responded by saying that option was possible. The comments were made among others including his likening Hamas to the Nazi’s of World War II. He questioned any humanitarian aid to Gaza by asking if a Nazi would deserve aid. He also said there is “no such thing” as innocent people in Gaza.

The interview sent shockwaves through the diplomatic community and had Israeli officials scrambling to comment. Netanyahu remarked that Eliyahu was not speaking on his behalf and called the remarks unrealistic and illegal. He said that as they fight this war, they will abide by all international laws and avoid any and all unnecessary death.

Netanyahu posted to Twitter that Eliyahu will be suspended from cabinet meetings from here forward and disavows his “shocking and crazy” remarks. Eliyahu is a member of the opposition right-wing party in the nation’s coalition government but saw leaders from all parties including his own condemn his statements.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister, called the remarks baseless and irresponsible and said he was grateful Eliyahu was not a decision-maker regarding Israel’s national security. Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition party, also posted to Twitter. His posts called on Netanyahu to fire Eliyahu immediately which, so far, Netanyahu has declined to do.

Israel has found itself on the down side of media narratives in recent weeks. There has been a growing resistance to their Gaza bombings and other offensives. Many leaders including former U.S. president Barack Obama have begun calling for a cease fire.

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