Jen Psaki Criticizes GOP Speaker Mike Johnson’s Religious Views

( – Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary turned MSNBC television host took some very pointed shots at new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. Psaki attacked Johnson on his temperament, appearance and especially his religious beliefs. She even went so far as to label Johnson a “religious fundamentalist” last weekend.

She explained that a person may look at Johnson and think he “does seem fine” she then described his general appearance, his suit, his glasses and opined “how threatening” can a man who looks this way be? Psaki then pivoted and showed a video clip of Johnson saying that he is a “Bible-believing Christian” the clip continued and showed Johnson explaining that his worldview is shaped by reading the Bible.

When the footage concluded Psaki sarcastically addressed the camera and said “you heard right” and mocked the notion that the Bible could be at the center of anyone’s worldview. Psaki took matters a step further by writing an article for MSNBC’s website to again denigrate Johnson’s appearance and juxtapose it to how troublesome he is in reality.

Psaki wrote that Johnson may not stand out in a crowd but he is “far from benign”. She went on to write that his “political ideology” should “scare” people. Many on the political left have taken issue and seemed offended by Johnson’s strong faith and conviction in letting the Bible shape his views and beliefs. Contrary to those opinions were many on the political right, that posted to social media praising the new Speaker’s moral clarity.

To further smear Johnson, Psaki followed the common narrative that by supporting former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was rife with issues and needed further scrutiny, Johnson was trying to “overturn” it. Psaki also made sure to drag Jonson through the mud of social issues by trying to paint him as anti-women based on his pro-life beliefs and likewise trying to frame him as anti-gay.

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