NYC Mayor Adams Faces Criticism Over Migrant Crisis Expenses

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is having the cost of his sanctuary city for illegal aliens policies catch up to him and he says the results will be “painful” for the city’s residents. The spending for each alien for one year is roughly equal to the salaries of three rookie firefighters.

Now, multiply that single expense by about 10,000 (the number of aliens entering NYC each month) then another 10,000 for each passing month starting about 11 months ago, and you will get an idea of the economic hole the city finds itself in.

Mayor Adams went to the border to see it for himself just a couple of months ago because he said the problem was more than the city could handle. Upon his return to New York he said both that the city cannot take any more migrants and that the “borders should remain open.” With this contradiction in logic it should surprise no-one that the mayor has announced massive budget cuts to the city’s police, schools, sanitation and other infrastructure.

Adams announced the $100 million in cuts he’s making now will increase in the coming months to try and offset a percentage of money dedicated to the flow of illegal aliens he’s pledged to pay for. It seems Adams thought he would eventually get a financial bailout from New York’s governor Kathy Hochul and then another from the federal government. He had floated the number of $15 billion in federal aid.

Reality is setting in after Adams received only a small amount of funds from the state and despite lowering his federal ask to $5 billion, he receiving nothing. Adams has come to the realization that he will receive no help from the outside.

City residents including famous Democrat loyalists like Bronx native and music star Cardi B have been making public statements that the city cannot afford to make cuts at this time. She and others note that the city is in dire straits regarding crime and overall quality of life and the cuts along with the future planned cuts will make life just about unlivable in the Big Apple. Neither Hochul nor Adams have done anything to curb the migrant flow other than saying “please don’t come.”

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