Schiff Under Fire – Where Does He Really Live?

( – A 20-year trail of paperwork seems to indicate California Democrat House Representative Adam Schiff is actually a resident of Maryland. If true, this could open the door to finding a number of crimes committed by the media darling congressman. Schiff and his wife bought a Maryland home in 2003, which they listed in the official paperwork as their primary residence. Both of their children also attended and graduated Maryland schools.

Christine Bish, who is running as a Republican in California’s 6th district to unseat incumbent Democrat Ami Bera, looked into the paper trail. Bish has worked in the real estate industry as well as having worked as an in-house investigator at a law firm. Bish filed a complaint with the House Ethics committee to get to the bottom of what Schiff may be doing. She said the committee’s policy is to not give any information once a complaint is accepted, so she does not know where the investigation stands now.

Schiff is claiming the whole affair is nothing but a paperwork error. However, Bish’s investigation seems to disprove that claim. The Schiffs purchased the home in 2003, and the deed has written on it “principal residence.” In addition, the Schiffs re-financed the house in 2009, 2010, and 2013. Each time it was listed as their primary residence. In 2020, they refinanced once more but this time they listed the property as a secondary residence. The timing of the last refinance may coincide with Schiff’s decision to run for the California senate seat left vacant by the death of Diane Feinstein.

If Schiff has indeed been living in Maryland while representing the state of California, he would be in violation of California law. A representative does not have to live in the district they represent, but must live in the state. If Schiff and his wife were both residents of Maryland but registered to vote in California, that too would be a violation of the law.

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